Pictures from this year’s GDC

Here are a few pictures from this year’s Game Developer’s Conference.

The GameTrak Freedom, from PDP, is a motion controller for the Xbox 360 that will ship later this year. It uses ultrasonic sensors, rather than an accelerometer. The sensor bars are mounted on the sides of your TV.

The GameTrak Freedom
The GameTrak Freedom

Onlive had a large booth, showing off their cloud gaming service, which goes into beta this summer.


Bigfoot Networks was showing off its latest Killer Nics, the Xeno Ultra (top) and Xeno Pro (bottom.) These will actually be distributed by add-in board vendors like eVGA, and will cost $179 (Ultra) and $149 (Pro.)

Bigfoot Xeno NIC Card
Bigfoot Xeno NIC Card

The US Army was showing off the latest version of their recruiting tool game, America’s Army 3.0. This version will run on consoles as well as a PC.

Army Booth GDC Americas Army 3.0
Army Booth GDC America's Army 3.0

The Neurosky MindSet isn’t a pair of headphones. It’s a controller that uses brainwaves to add a different type of control to the game. The unit may ship with a small game designed by Square/Enix of Final Fantasy fame, so it does have the support of some major developers.

Neurosky MindSet
Neurosky MindSet

Nintendo was showing off their latest handheld console, the Nintendo DSi, which will include a tiny camera and slightly larger screens, but drop the backward compatibility slots. It will be released in the US in early April.

Nintendo DSi
Nintendo DSi

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