Can too much GTA be deadly? Apparently it can…

We here at CustomPCMAX think people should blame themselves for their own actions, not place it elsewhere.  But, the story was worth retelling…

Man kills mother of his kids over PlayStation

Video games are a great form of escapism for many people around the world. Video games have become much more of a mainstream, family-oriented hobby in recent years with the advent of game systems like the Nintendo Wii that are designed for family fun.

However, video games often are blamed for the woes of society and have been pegged as the reason for violence and murder by some. A 62-year-old man named Malcolm Palmer from the UK has admitted to stabbing his partner to death after she reportedly became addicted to the Grand Theft Auto video game and kicked Palmer out of their bedroom. reports that Palmer was forced to sleep on the couch so that his partner, Carol Cannom, could stay up all night playing the PlayStation console on a 37-inch plasma TV in the bedroom. According to reports, the couple had been together for 30 years and had three children together.

The PlayStation console was purchase for their 10-year-old son according to Palmer. The boy would play the console until midnight when Cannom would take over, often playing until five or six in the morning according to Palmer.

John Pini QC for the prosecution said, “Carol quickly became hooked. He [Palmer] was very unhappy about the amount of time she was playing on the PlayStation.”

Palmer says that he had become convinced she was having an affair and went into a violent rage. During his violent rage, Palmer attacked the woman with two kitchen knives and inflicted 20 separate wounds to her upper chest, killing her. The murder was reportedly heard by the couple’s son who dialed police. Palmer reportedly took the phone from his son and told police, “I’m sorry. I think I’ve killed her.”

Defense lawyer Timothy Spencer QC told the court, “The genesis of this tragedy bizarrely lies with the purchase of the PlayStation.”

A teen in the U.S. was accused of killing his parents after they took away his Halo 3 game in December of 2008.


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