Warhammer – Closing more servers?

Mythic has opened up free character transfers from another of its Warhammer Online servers, indicating that another server is to be closed down.

Players spread across dozens of servers were forced to transfer last month when Mythic closed down over forty Warhammer realms. Several aspects of the game, such as Public Quests, require that servers have a high population – merging two servers will ensure that players still experience high quality gameplay, but it also suggests that the number of Warhammer subscribers is severly lower than Mythic’s initial prediction.

The announcement of a new free transfer reveals that one of Warhammer’s only two Role Play realms is to be the focus of the moves. Players on the Ostermark server have a choice of moving to the other RP destination, Phoenix Throne, or if there are conflicts with existing characters on that realm, the Core server Vortex can also be chosen for a limited time.


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