ATI 4890 Review

Here is a good review of the ATI 4890 video card.  Seems like it is definitely a good buy, the price to performance ratio is where it needs to be.

Many of you will say, “All the HD 4890 is, is an overclocked HD 4870”. In some regards you are right. But who honestly runs 850MHz core on an HD 4870 without extreme cooling? Not even my non reference HD 4870 can get through a round of Vantage, let alone, being stable. Even if you somehow manage to reach 850MHz core, no HD 4870 will be stable at 950MHz core without a serious voltage modification. When you put the HD 4890 into perspective, you can really see the value of this card.

Not only is the card on the heels of HD 4850 Crossfire, it directly competes with the new Nvidia GTX275. The real test of the HD 4890 is if it can keep up with the advances Nvidia has brought to the graphics card market. With ATI set to introduce coding which takes the physics caclulations away from the CPU, ATI might just have enough to hold off the big N. Also, take in mind the HD 4890 has two other things the GTX275 does not have, Shader model 4.1 and DirectX 10.1. Both of these can dramatically improve game performance providing the game support them.

The HD 4890 does all that ATI promised it would.  It fills a gap in ATI’s lineup, competes with the new GTX275, and puts ATI on the map for high graphics overclocking. The price is also great. At only $250 USD this is a great deal. It happens to be tied for the cheapest HD 4890 and on Newegg you can get a $20 MIR, making the card just $230! All said, the HD 4890 is a terrific piece to the ATI puzzle, and is worthy of the title of the most powerful single GPU from ATI.

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