Elven Legacy – Game Review

Here is a look at a game that had a rather quiet development time and release.  Not highly anticipated, but definitely worth a look by strategy fans. The game has flaws (some crashing, difficulty, etc…) but there are high points as well (interesting development, nice graphics, depth).

Turn-based strategy games frequently involve hexes on a map, factions surrounding and assaulting enemies with overwhelming force, and a healthy dose of base and city capturing. But they require much more to be a completely successful experience. Paradox Interactive and 1C:Ino-Co have tried to place a different spin on the strategy format with Elven Legacy, a strategic fantasy based game packed with elves, orcs, and other magical beings. While the game is quite deep, the challenging difficulty of the game, coupled with some minor balancing issues and some technical issues, makes this a good game that will probably appeal to the hardcore strategy fan only.

The premise behind Elven Legacy is based around the dangers of magic in the lands of Illis. A human sorcerer breaks into an evil citadel and learns a forbidden spell locked away for thousands of years that could potentially destroy the entire world. Even worse, he evades capture and disappears into the wilderness, potentially giving him the ability to teach the dangerous magic to others, thereby further wreaking havoc. The Elves, fearing that such a threat has been unleashed upon the world once again, dispatch two of their greatest heroes to track down the rogue magician before he can wield his powers. However, their quest takes them through lands held by humans, dwarves, orcs, and other creatures, immediately sparking a war that could be just as dangerous as the magic itself.

Elven Legacy is one of those titles that is made for the hardest of the hardcore strategy fan: the depth and the replayability of the game is striking, and you’ll find that upgrading your soldiers, trying to unlock bonus levels and exploiting every map can keep you busy for a very long time. However, the time restraints for each mission, the overwhelming numbers that you’ll face, and the technical issues will wear most people down, if it doesn’t keep them away entirely.

Read full review at IGN.com


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