Corsair Dominator GT 1866 6 GB kit – Review

Here is an awesome look at Corsair’s new Dominator GT DDR3 ram kits.  Corsair has always been a favorite of mine, and this line will be no exception.  It runs cool, stable and overclocks to over 2 GHZ!!

The Corsair Dominator GT 1866 6 GB kit has shown us that once again Corsair is at the leading edge of low voltage high performance ram development. The new Red highlights used on the label and the cooling vanes on the IHX (Integrated Heat Xchanger) really make the ram stand out from the crowd. It’s not hard to find high performance PC parts if you know where to look, it’s rare to find high performance parts that operate at a full level above performance specs. With the Dominator GT 1866 kit you can pay for a 1866 kit and run it like a 2 GHz kit and that’s rare to see. Most of the 2 GHz kits we’ve seen so far lack overclocking overhead.

Dominators have long been some of our favorite ram for good reason, they may have just been replaced by the Dominator GT kit. The extra flash and hand picked components make them a very good choice for serious enthusiasts. Hand picking the parts for the Dominator GT’s lets the serious enthusiast know that not only is he going to get the advertised performance of the kit, but they also get the OCing goodness they want.

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+ Air Flow Fan Included
+ Runs Cool
+ 1866 Kit running above 2 GHz
+ Looks really Sweet
+ Tight Timings
+ Corsair Name Behind them


Might not fit under some larger CPU Coolers


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