Old Sierra Adventure Games – Free in your browser

If you head over to Sarien, you can take part in a little project that’s part-game, part-museum piece, with old Sierra adventure games running in Flash on your browser. The graphics are the same, and if you want, you can use text commands, but a right-click menu system has also been introduced to speed things up a bit.

Interestingly as it is just playing these old games, they have made these games multiplayer.  So as you are working through your quest, you can see others doing the same and chat with them.

Currently three games are supported – Leisure Suit Larry 1, Police Quest 1 and Space Quest 1 – with more promised.

Games have been tested to work in these browsers:

  • Firefox 2 and up
  • Internet Explorer 6 and up
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera

The iPhone and Wii will run the games, but more work is required to make them more user friendly and playable.


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