I thought Macs were immune to viruses?

It appears as though the long standing claim of Mac computers not having the same problems as PCs in regards to malware, viruses and trojans is finally going to be put to rest.

Apple has been attacked by what are some calling OS X’s first official trojan virus. The trojan, dubbed “iBotnet”, has snuck its way into several thousand Macs.  The virus is written specifically for Mac computers and does not affect Windows machines.

I mean, everyone who knows anything has understood for a long time that a Mac system is just as vulnerable as a PC.  There is nothing that would stop a hacker from penetrating OSX if the took they time.  The only thing that has kept that occurance low is the relatively low market share held by Mac.  Why target a small community, when there is exponentially more PC users you could hit.

Macs today account for approximately 7.4 percent of consumer computers in the U.S., according to Gartner, a leading market research firm.  While, according to Gartner, these users on average are more affluent than PC owners, the unproven nature of Mac virus software (owing to their low market share in the 90s) has made Mac viruses still unexplored territory.  However, that looks to be changing, and given Apple’s slow rate of patching, it could be in trouble in the near future, particularly with the prospect of Apple-specific worms hitting in the near future.

Read the full article at DailyTech

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