Trade in your HD DVDs and get Bluray Discs

Most consumers knew that the HD format war would ultimately result in only one HD format left standing. The VHS versus Beta war showed that there could only be one format at a time. The bad part for consumers that adopted an HD format early and bet on HD DVD was that movies and hardware were obsolete over night.

Many consumers found themselves left with HD DVD players that were all but useless and collections of HD DVD films that could only be used with the obsolete hardware. HD DVD collections that contain Warner Brother’s films have a second chance at being used for more than coasters with a new program that Warner has announced called Red2Blu.

The program allows owners of Warner HD DVD films to trade their HD DVD titles for Blu-ray titles for $4.95 per Blu-ray film plus shipping and handling. To trade the films owners must mail the original cover art from the Warner HD DVD case and pay the associated fees.

After the cover art is received by Warner a Blu-ray version of the film will be sent out to replace the HD DVD. The shipping and handling charge on each Blu-ray film is $6.95 for each order inside the continental U.S. and $8.95 per order outside the continental U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska. In all upgrading, the HD DVD films to Blu-ray will cost consumers about $12 per film.
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