ATI Lauches 4770 – First Card 40nm Core

ATI appears to have done it again, hitting the nail on the head with the Price/Performance ratio.  The HD 4770 is just another great option for budget minded gamers wanting great gaming performance.  The direct competition for this card is the Nvidia 8800GT/9800GT and it appears as though it is sufficiently trumping those chipsets in performance.

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ATI,  the graphics division of AMD, has been aggressively delivering on price and performance for the last year with its RV770-based GPUs. These have been used in Radeon HD 4830, 4850, and 4870 video cards to steal away market share from NVIDIA.

The Radeon HD 4770 video card that is launching today uses the RV740 GPU, which is the first 40nm GPU in mass production. The GPU consists of 826 million transistors at a core clock of 750MHz, measuring 11mm by 11mm.  The Radeon 4770 features 512MB of GDDR5 DRAM clocked at 800MHz, but effectively provides 3.2 Gb/s over a 128-bit bus.

The new GPU has 640 Stream processors, the same number as the Radeon HD 4830 that it will replace. The Radeon 4830 will be quietly phased out since the Radeon 4770 offers better performance at a much lower production cost to AMD. This is offset by higher costs for GDDR5 RAM.

Initial Pricing was to be around $99,  though it is appearing around $110.  Rebates will likely kick in quickly, bring it back to what was expect or lower.

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