Konami pulls Six Days in Fallujah from release

Read the Official Press Release from Konami

Konami has chosen to pull the controversial game Six Days in Fallujah after criticism arose for depicting the events of a still ongoing war. The game sought to recreate the battles between United States and terrorists in Fallujah, Iraq 2004.

Six Days in Fallujah was developed by an American company Atomic Games and Konami had plans for a 2010 release date. According to Jamin Brophy-Warren, 40 United States soldiers that saw action in Fallujah helped in the games development by providing diaries and journals about their experiences

A Konami spokesperson explained their decisions stating, “After seeing the reaction to the videogame in the United States and hearing opinions sent through phone calls and e-mail, we decided several days ago not to sell it.” He also stated, “We had intended to convey the reality of the battles to players so that they could feel what it was like to be there.”

Opposition to the game came from families of lost soldiers, retired troops and citizens’ groups in the United States and Europe. In a news article from earlier in the month, former Colonel Tim Collins a former Iraq War veteran is quoted stating,  “It’s much too soon to start making video games about a war that’s still going on, and an extremely flippant response to one of the most important events in modern history. It’s particularly insensitive given what happened in Fallujah, and I will certainly oppose the release of this game.”

Dan Rosenthal another Iraq war veteran points out in the same article the differences between Call of Duty 4 and Six Days in Fallujah explaining why the former was not a target for criticism while Six Days in Fallujah is. Rosenthal stated, “The game isn’t set in some unnamed country, it’s in Iraq, and it’s not some ‘unnamed city’, it’s Fallujah,” he adds. “There’s no way for them to avoid that they chose to place this game in a location where 20,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, reportedly over 6,000 civilians were killed, and over 150,000 displaced. Who is going to tell those stories?”

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