ASUS Radeon Tri-Fan Graphics Card

Here is a great review of a very cool ATI 4870×2 variant from Asus.  Great quiet cooling performance and excellent overclocking from an already spectacular card.

The HD 4870 X2 continues to be a power house of the card and the Tri-Fan version from ASUS is great which offers some serious cooling performance without putting the big noise numbers out. Ultimately this is what we want to see from an aftermarket cooler; better performance at the same noise levels is good, but lower noise levels are fantastic and this is what the HD 4870 X2 Tri-Fan from ASUS offers.

It doesn’t stop there for the ASUS card. We’ve got a bunch of programs that you may or may not find useful and a CD wallet that we’re sure people can make use of. There is of course that typical ASUS price premium, but with the cooling available on the card it’s well and truly justified.

If you’re looking for a dual GPU graphics card from ATI and want something that manages to stand out from other HD 4870 X2s, this Tri-Fan version from ASUS is great. And while the card might seem like it’s getting a bit on these days, looking at the performance numbers the card put’s out it’s still a very good option for people who game at 2560 x 1600.

If that isn’t enough for you, though, there’s always the option to grab two of these bad boys and run a massive QuadFire setup. While not for everyone, if you’re looking for some serious power it continues to be a great option for people.

Aggressive pricing from ATI on the HD 4870 X2, the innovation of ASUS and the bundle that the company puts together is great, making this not only a stand out HD 4870 X2, but a stand out model period.

Read full Review at TweakTown

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