Nimbly Games launches Altitude

This looks like a fun little innovative multiplayer game that you can actually play for free this weekend.  Of course, there are more things you unlock by paying, but at least you can give it a shot before jumping in.


Independent game developer Nimbly Games announced the launch of Altitude™, a fast-paced game of aerial combat suitable for all ages. Altitude pits you against up to 64 online opponents as you blast your way across the cartoon skies, unlocking brilliantly original fantasy planes, completing devilish challenges, and customizing your loadout with a wide array of perks along the way. Featuring both strategic team-based and wild free-for-all modes of play, Altitude is available online for PC, Mac, and Linux for US$19.95.

“We’ve been blown away by the community response, from professional gamers to people who’d never played an online game before,” explained Erik Measure, CEO of Nimbly Games, “We’re excited to show everyone exactly what we’ve done, and invite them to join this awesome community — a free weekend seemed like a no-brainer.”

Altitude is free to play online with friends. Players can unlock additional planes and perks for a one-time purchase of $19.95. Starting Friday, May 8th at 12:01 AM EST and ending Sunday, May 10th, at 11:59 PM EST, everyone can experiment with all of the goodies for free.

Features of Altitude include:
• Pilot five completely unique planes: Loopy, Bomber, Explodet, Biplane, and Miranda
• Customize your plane with 25 unlockable perks, from twin-fire missiles to rear-mounted flak guns, rubberized armor to reverse-thruster engines
• Complete challenges and compare stats with friends
• Navigate 9 official maps, or create and share your own with the Altitude Editor
• Strong parental controls and cartoon action ensure a safe experience for young children
• Play online with up to 64 players, and always find your friends with slick community features

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