Aion – New Video, Eltnen Zone

The latest zone tour video for NCsoft’s Aion: The Tower of Eternity showcases the slowly dying Eltnen zone, where gods battle to restore Elysea’s breadbasket.  Check out the official description of the Eltnen zone below.

Once the breadbasket of Elysea, Eltnen is now threatened by an encroaching desert. Lady Yustiel, one of the gods of the Elyos, has established several Mystic Springs in hopes of revitalizing the area, but so far there has been little improvement. Could there be a saboteur in the mix? As if this weren’t enough, the area is also under attack from mutant wildlife, alluring succubi, statues that have come to life, volcanic spirits, and of course the ever-present Krall. The Daevas are mustering their forces, preparing to defend their ethereal fortress to the death, if that’s what it takes.


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