AMD vs. Intel – Where is the real value?

So, today I was doing a little price shopping and I got to thinking.  Where does the better value lie in regards to AMD and Intel.  Obviously right now, Intel holds the throne for absolutely fastest CPUs out there.  But, are their CPUs priced in a way that makes them the best value?

So, top chips…

AMD: Phenom II x4 955

Intel: Intel i7 965 Extreme Edition

So, I decided to go to Newegg to see what they are offering these chips for.  Newegg is the most common place to go for PC parts online, their prices are usually the best, if not comparable with other online retailers.

AMD $245:

People have been able to easily OC these to 4.0+ ghz, and with more extreme cooling much higher.

Intel $999:

This is faster than the AMD, that is true. But, it isn’t fast enough to make it worth the added cost.

Here are some benchmarks…


Extreme Overclocking

So, the top offering from AMD costs over 75% less than the Intel’s top offering But, based on these benchmarks (in gaming) it certainly doesn’t look like the Intel is anywhere near 75% faster. In fact, in most situations, you probably wouldn’t know the difference.

Even the i7 920 is more expensive ($280) and it is usually slower than the x4 955.

So, where is the better value? The other nifty thing about the AMD chips is that you can use them in Am2+ motherboards. So all those people with systems that are a little older don’t need to go out and buy new mobo and ram to get the newest CPU. Intel, if you are on 775 (Core2…) you need to get at least a new mobo, if not ram as well.

At this time, AMD definitely seems like the better road to go.  They seem to have a firm grip on the price/performance ratio and seem to make a better effort to meet customer needs (compatibility).  I am not bashing Intel, their products are clearly good as well, it is just hard to recommend them as the ‘better value’ for PC Gamers.

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  1. AMD has always been a great value. I think as long as consumers take a good hard look at cost, compared to a few FPS in some benchmarks, the value becomes even more obvious. You can spend way more if you want to, but you no longer need to.

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