ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo Motherboard Review

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Intel rules the roost when it comes to pure performance on their CPUs and motherboard chipsets. The Core i7 CPUs along with the X58 chipset outpace the fastest AMD CPUs for that market space by quite a bit. One of the issues with the new platform is the Cost of Ownership. While a $200 Core i7 920 CPU by itself isn’t that expensive, adding a $300 motherboard and a set of triple channel DDR3 memory can get expensive.

On the other hand, a good Core 2 Quad CPU with dual channel DDR2 memory and a decent P45 chipset motherboard can be had for much less than the $600-700 the Core i7 setup would entail. ASUS is a motherboard and computer component supplier that is the number one motherboard supplier in the world with one out of every three computers built today using their motherboards. They recognize the fact that the market has room for an inexpensive alternative to the Core i7 platform.

Today the P45 chipset is a mature mainstream chipset used in many of the motherboards of the previous generation. Rather than discard the chipset, ASUS has released several new motherboards using it such as the P5Q Pro Turbo, the Maximus II Gene and a few others. These offer a mainstream alternative to those not wanting to spend nearly $1000 on a new system as a Core i7 system might have. Performance of the Core 2 Quads and Duos on the market is still faster than the equivalent AMD platform, making this a good choice. Today’s review is on the ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo motherboard.

ASUS motherboards are favorites of me and Doc Overclock. In fact, almost every motherboard in our personal systems has an ASUS motherboard installed on them. The P5Q Pro Turbo is a good motherboard, with performance, features and a great price. You can purchase this board online from Newegg for under $120, meaning that the board has the ASUS quality and features but for a mainstream price. Performance on the board was very good, with performance that matches or exceeds other Intel P45 motherboards. This board is perfect for a user wanting to build a good PC without breaking the bank and not needing all the latest greatest parts to be a satisfied end-user. The P45 chipset is the middle ground for Intel based chipsets and the P5Q Pro Turbo fits perfectly in that niche.

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