DDO Unlimited: Surpasses 1 Million users

Turbine, makers of Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO Unlimited) must be very pleased with their newest business model.  What used to be a subscription only MMORPG was changed to a Free to Play MMORPG with a cash shop (for additional items, classes and content) only a few short months ago.  Prior to that change, the MMORPG appeared to be on it’s last legs with it’s subscriber base continuously dropping each month.  But, with a last push, the change in format has pushed the new user counts to up over a million.  Included in that is a double in the the subscriber base and a 500% increase in revenues since the change in September 2009.

Clearly there is something to be learned from this situation.  Maybe you have a good, well developed MMORPG. 

The question is: How do you get people away from the top dog, WOW, long enough to check it out? The answer: Give it to them for free, get them hooked and create well place opportunities to still eek some cash out of the person.

Bravo to Turbine, you seemed to have given yourself a little longer in this market.


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