Apple CEO Steve Jobs like to eat his own children…

Ok, perhaps our title was taken a bit out of context… but it is basically true. One of the key’s to Apple’s success is it’s ability to cannibalize it’s customer base in order to succeed with another product. Not quite clear on what we are saying, check out the full story at

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Will that be an iPad or a MacBook Air? Decisions, decisions.

While the secret for Apple’s success seems patently obvious to most–as obvious as the form and function of the
iPhone 4–a more subtle reason is the company’s counter-intuitive knack for disrupting its own product lines.

But a willingness (or unwillingness in the above-mentioned companies) to eat one’s own progeny

Yes, we cannibalize: Here’s an excerpt from Apple COO Tim Cook’s comments this week–responding to an analyst’s question–about cannibalization of MacBooks by the
iPad: “…yes, I think there is some cannibalization. But I also think there’s a halo effect…we have introduced millions of people in Asia to Apple through the iPhone. And we’re now introducing many more through the iPad, and I think some of those decide to buy a
Mac. And so when you look at the Mac growth in Asia at 67 percent, and you look at the Japan growth at 56 percent, and you look at U.S. and Europe growing in double-digits against shrinking markets. If this is cannibalization, it feels pretty good.”




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