Falcon Northwest Mach V Review

Maximum PC has put out a review of the new Falcon Northwest Mach V. All in all, it looks pretty nice and they gave it a pretty decent final grade. Plenty of processing power, GPU power and ram make this a killer machine. Be sure to go to their website to see all the details.

Amplify’d from www.maximumpc.com

Who came up with the concept of a vertically oriented motherboard that positions the graphics cards upright so the tremendous heat they generate vents straight up?

It’s hard to say who first had the idea—we’ve seen cases that feature this design, and the Main-Gear Shift PC that we reviewed in June 2010 took the same approach. But Falcon Northwest claims it had a stake in the original idea and has even provided time-stamped images of its prototypes of the inverted design from 2002. That certainly predates the aforementioned examples, as well as Voodoo’s luxurious but elusive Omen.

Falcon Northwest’s new Mach V case gets vertical.

Read more at www.maximumpc.com



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