Rage demo unlikely

Much to our sadness, the word right now is that we will likely not see a demo version of id/Bethesda’s upcoming Rage game. Supposedly they think it will be too difficult to ‘slice’ out a section of the game due to the extreme open world setting. Which on one hand sucks for us who want to check this out as soon as possible. On the other hand, if they really can’t slice it up easily, that bodes well for a game that we expect to be the best ‘sandbox’ – ‘open world’ sort of game since Fallout 3/New Vegas. Stay tuned for more Rage updates!

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Amplify’d from www.tomshardware.com

ZoomBethesda PR VP Pete Hines recently told VG247 that it’s very unlikely gamers will see a playable demo of id Software’s upcoming first-person shooter RAGE before the game goes retail in September. The news follows Todd Hollenshead’s report during QuakeCon 2009, revealing that while a multiplayer beta is unlikely, gamers may see a single-player demo for the PC and Mac.

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