World of Starcraft Creator Receives Job Offer

Earlier in the week we shared a story about a SC2 modder that got shut down for doing too good of a job using the tools Blizzard provides with the game. Well, it turns out that despite that bad news, the publicity has gained this modder a job in the game industry. Also, hear Blizzard’s official word on the future of World of Starcraft.

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Starcraft fanatics saw their pixelated dreams come true this week when a talented modder transformed Blizzard’s seminal sci-fi RTS into an MMO. Like all good dreams, it ended too quickly when Activision-Blizzard threatened legal action and ordered a trailer for the mod pulled from the tubes. But this story does have a happy ending: the trailer for the mod might have landed its creator a job.
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

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