DC Universe Online – Review

IGN has put out a well thought out and intensive review of the new DC Universe Online. The reason we say it is a good review is that they spent some serious time in the game for the last three weeks to come to their conclusions. Not to say that the full game was explored, but they have written about most main parts of the game. Overall they seem to like the game, but not ‘love’ it. It seems to be victim to many bugs and missing many standard elements from MMO games of 2011. Such as a weak introduction to your character and abilities, a gimped chat and guild system, to name a few.

On the other hand there is good things to be had here if you give it a chance.

So, head over to their website and check out the full review.

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Amplify’d from pc.ign.com
It’s been almost three weeks since exobytes swooped down on Metropolis and Gotham and gave thousands of regular citizens the ability to shoot eye-beams, summon demons, create explosives out of nothing and generally run amok in DC Universe Online. Sounds fun, right? A lot of the time it is. At its core, DC Universe Online is an action game where you beat up villains, heroes and robots for experience and rewards. There are hundreds of other players doing the same around you, which is where the “massively multiplayer” part kicks in and the problems begin to show up.

See more at pc.ign.com



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