Tron Legacy Movie – Official Trailer #2

This isn’t directly related to PC gaming or hardware, but we thought it was very exciting. Many of us cut our gaming teeth on the original Tron games back in the 80’s and/or were huge fans of the first Tron movie.


Qtest (Quake Beta) 14 Year Anniversary

On the Bethesda Blog John Carmack, Tim Willits and others share their memories of Qtest, the first public beta of Quake, on Qtest’s 14th Anniversary.

POLL: 3D TV – Will it be successful?

At the 2010 CES there was a huge amount of buzz about upcoming HDTV 3D technology. With the huge success of movies like “UP” and “Avatar” in 3D at theaters, it seems like a natural extension to bring this technology home.

Duke Nukem Forever – Game Footage, cancelled…?

Former employees of 3D Realms have posted on their blogs some concept art and a video showing some footage of what appears to be Duke Nukem Forever. If you haven’t had your dose of vaporware already, the word now is that a new willing developer will have to pick up the game where 3D Realms…

Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD 4850

Sapphire recently released a new flagship in the Radeon HD4800 series (the HD4890), but they have also been busy refreshing some of the existing model numbers. The HD4850 and HD4870 have been on the shelf for a while now, but Sapphire has integrated a few electrical, aesthetic, and cooling updates in to the designs and…

Is 3D Web in our Future?

3D on the Internet is about as old as 3D graphics acceleration itself. But all those ideas often disappeared quickly after their release, because they always required a special browser plug-in. Now there is a new idea to enable 3D web graphics that do not need a plug-in, but are enabled via JavaScript acceleration. Conceivably,…