Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Gaming PC –

Here is a quick video of the CustomPCMAX Intel Core i7 Gaming PC. It was a custom build with hand air brushed artwork applied to the Silverstone TJ10 case by MNPCTech.


AMD vs. Intel – Where is the real value?

So, today I was doing a little price shopping and I got to thinking. Where does the better value lie in regards to AMD and Intel. Obviously right now, Intel holds the throne for absolutely fastest CPUs out there. But, do are their CPUs priced in a way that makes them the best value?

ASUS Rampage II Extreme – Review

With Intel’s Core i7 starting to settle into the market, more consumers are moving to the new platform and faced with probably the most fundamental of choices: which motherboard to buy?  There are several manufacturers that offer various products in the new X58 chipset, and today we’ll be looking at what is probably the most…