Qtest (Quake Beta) 14 Year Anniversary

On the Bethesda Blog John Carmack, Tim Willits and others share their memories of Qtest, the first public beta of Quake, on Qtest’s 14th Anniversary.


Rage Trailer – From Quakecon 2009

Here is a brand new trailer for id Software’s upcoming game Rage. This was unveiled at Quakecon 2009.

New Wolfenstein System Reqs Released

Been looking forward to beating back the Nazi threat, but not entirely sure that your computer can run the game? You’re in luck, because the minimum specs were posted yesterday on the Wolfenstein Community forums by a community manager.

Wolfentstein – New Opening Trailer

The opening cinematic for the new Wolfenstein starts off quietly and ends like any good Wolfenstein video should – with dozens of dead Nazis. Be sure to check out the progress on the Project Panzerbox:  A Tribute to Wolfenstein custom gaming PC mod being worked on my CustomPCMAX and MNPCTech. The worklogs for this project…