Half Life 2 given new life with Visual Updates

Do you remember the awe you felt first firing up Half-Life 2 in 2004? Now fire it up in 2010. Flat textures, dull lighting. Not quite the same jaw dropping reaction, is it?


SNES PC Case Mod – Sweet!

This SNES PC Case Mod was built by quangDX and DuPPs

MNPCTech & CustomPCMAX Mod at Computex 2009

Here are a few photos and a video of the mod project CoolerMaster had MNPCTech & CustomPCMAX create for them to showcase at the Computex 2009 trade show in Taipei.  All of the modding to the case was done by MNPCTech and the system was installed by CustomPCMAX. Full Work Log on The Mod Brothers…

Project: Panzerbox Custom Gaming PC Mod

Ok everyone, this is some exciting news.   At least I think so. Work log of this project can be found at themodbrothers.com CustomPCMAX is joining forces with MNPCTech in creating a custom modded gaming PC. General Overview: Case – NZXT Panzerbox (pre-release) VIDEO REVIEW MNPCTech is going to be modding this case as a tribute…

Custom Modded Gaming PC

CustomPCMAX and MNPCTech are going to be collaborating on a new custom modded gaming PC.  The case that is being modded is a brand new, yet to be released NZXT Panzerbox case. A preview of this case can be seen HERE. We are currently seeking sponsorships for this project.  If you are interested in sponsoring…

Coolermaster V8 Mod

Simply an amazing mod.  The attention to detail is awesome.  It even has little bolts painted on. Kudos to http://www.mnpctech.com for creating this thing. It is being showcased on Coolermaster’s website:  LINK