AMD Athlon II x2 250 Review – Part 3

Ok, in our last look at this AMD Athlon II x2 250 CPU we saw how it handled a synthetic benchmark. This time, we want to pit it against a real game to see how it really performs. And what game better than Crysis. Crysis is undoubtably the one of the most hardware intensive games out there right now.


AMD vs. Intel – Where is the real value?

So, today I was doing a little price shopping and I got to thinking. Where does the better value lie in regards to AMD and Intel. Obviously right now, Intel holds the throne for absolutely fastest CPUs out there. But, do are their CPUs priced in a way that makes them the best value?

AMD Phenom II – Overclocked

This is quite an interesting read regarding the performance of the Phenom II processors and what sorts of gains you can get overclocking them.   A system using one of these chips would be more affordable for most people. Phenom II processors are apparently an interesting choice for overclockers, that is, they offer high overclocking potential,…