Just Cause 2 – Gravity Trailer – Video

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Just Cause 2 showing all the ways that Rico can have fun with his carnage.


Borderlands – Retail Shortages

It looks like Borderlands, well-received by critics, is having trouble getting received at all by some potential purchasers, with retail shortages being reported in the US. Canada is also dealing with supply issues, possibly as the result of the game’s $40 price tag in the region.

Japan gets a glimpse of Final Fantasy XIII

Sorry folks, here is a little more non-PC related news.  I can’t help myself, I have played Final Fantasy since the first game came out on the original NES.  So, hopefully you can understand my excitement! A trial version of one of the most awaited games of this year, “Final Fantasy XIII,” became available on…

PS3 outsells Wii in Japan in March

The PlayStation 3 has outsold the Nintendo Wii in Japan for the first time in 16 months according to market research firm Enterbrain. In March, Sony sold 146,948 PlayStation 3s compared to 99,335 Nintendo Wiis and 43,172 Xbox 360s. The sales success is fueled by the release of solid software titles such as Resident Evil 5 and PlayStation 3 exclusive Yakuza 3 (Ryu Ga Gotoku 3).

Can too much GTA be deadly? Apparently it can…

We here at CustomPCMAX think people should blame themselves for their own actions, not place it elsewhere.  But, the story was worth retelling… Man kills mother of his kids over PlayStation Video games are a great form of escapism for many people around the world. Video games have become much more of a mainstream, family-oriented…