Borderlands to PC fans – ‘Have patience Grasshopper’

PC game players who managed to get a legitimate retail PC copy of Borderlands early are being forced to wait for the official release date to start playing.


Borderlands – Retail Shortages

It looks like Borderlands, well-received by critics, is having trouble getting received at all by some potential purchasers, with retail shortages being reported in the US. Canada is also dealing with supply issues, possibly as the result of the game’s $40 price tag in the region.

Team Fortress 2 – Guard Dog?

There was a rather odd posting on Valve’s TF2 blog (though odd is pretty much the norm there). Seems as though they are hinting at something… some sort of new update… what could it be?

Aliens Vs. Predator – New Trailer

This game is shaping up very nicely.  The atmosphere looks to be on point with the Alien and Predator franchises, ‘dark and scary… not sure what is around each corner’.  If the gameplay is as polished as the visuals are, we should have ourselves a pretty exciting game here.