Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

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Windows 7 – Free OEM upgrades?

As the windup to Windows 7’s pricing announcement came, many in the news industry suggested that Microsoft lower its prices to make up for bad public reception of Windows Vista. Some analysts, such as former Windows 2000 developer-turned blogger Michael Cherry of Directions on Microsoft suggested that Microsoft should give away Windows 7 for free to Vista users as an apology.

Windows 7: New RC 7100 Released

Microsoft’s Windows 7 is perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated tech products of the year.  Its beta builds have thus far showcased both polish and Microsoft’s willingness to improve and take constructive criticism.  Microsoft has over 2,000 planned bug fixes for the Release Candidate phase, and recent builds have given users just a taste…

Say goodbye to Windows XP… sort of

It is hard to believe that Microsoft is doing this, considering the widespread usage of XP still.  But, this does tell me that they are happy with Windows 7 and are confident it will be what we are looking for. Windows XP in its early years started off ambitious and enterprising.  However, in those early…

Window 7 will offer downgrade option

Microsoft has long offered the option to downgrade a Windows license and replace newer versions of its operating system with an older edition. This, however, gained notoriety with Windows Vista following numerous complaints from disgruntled users and computer makers actually advertising machines that were pre-downgraded to XP. Microsoft hopes to change this with Windows 7…