Computer Cases

Computer mods for gamers

If you’re ready to start your first big modding project, Xoxide.com has the computer cases you need to begin your upgrade the right way. Featuring some of the hottest brands in the modding industry, Xoxide has an enormous selection of computer cases from names like NZXT, Auzentech, Thermaltake, and Lian Li. From gigantic full towers that will accommodate all of your components to streamlined HTPC cases that will be a perfect fit in your living room’s home entertainment center, Xoxide’s got a PC case that will suit your specific needs.

To get the maximum benefit from your computer and all of its components, Xoxide carries a huge selection of PC power supplies. These powerful units are equipped to handle all kinds of overclocked performance parts, from illuminated towers filled with LEDs and cold cathodes to heavy-duty water cooling kits. You’ll find Xoxide’s selection of PC power supplies available in a variety of connections, wattages (ranging from 300W to 1600W) and certifications (including SLI and Crossfire). Choose from a huge array of the biggest names in the industry, including ULTRA, Kingwin, and PC Power & Cooling.

If you’re a bonafide PC gamer, you’re going to need the right peripherals to make a serious impact in the online gaming community. That’s why Xoxide carries a wide selection of gaming mice to help you up the ante during those hardcore frag sessions. Featuring advanced laser technology, smooth functionality, customizable buttons, and extremely high DPI, these gaming mice will help shoot you to the top of the leaderboards in no time. Choose from all your favorite brands, including Steelseries, Razer, and OCZ.

For an additional gaming advantage, there’s nothing better to help you through those late-night LAN sessions than an illuminated keyboard. Available in a variety of layouts and colors, an illuminated keyboard is the perfect companion to a 24/7 gamer who needs instant access to their most important keys. At Xoxide, you’ll find a fantastic selection of illuminated keyboards, ranging from high-end gaming peripherals to flexible USB keyboards you can take anywhere.

Are you an on-the-go gamer that never leaves home without your laptop in tow? If so, you’ll definitely want to invest in a laptop cooler. Offering relief to both your notebook and, uh, that sensitive lower area of your body, a laptop cooler will significantly decrease the temperature of your portable device, allowing you and your machine to stay cool for hours on end. Xoxide offers both 15” and 17” coolers and cooling pads, as well as plug-in USB mini-fans. Choose from such top names as Evercool, ThermaPak and Lian Li.

Want to give your Xbox 360 a complete visual overhaul? If you’re ready to take on the challenging arena of console modding, Xoxide has a great selection of Xbox 360 mods to get you started. Featuring an assortment of gorgeous cases, powerful cooling fans, and turbo-charged controller mods, Xoxide offers a wide variety of mods designed to increase your consoles’s performance and visual style.